• Complete change for the mod have only one dependency (Folders Organization, Materials Review)
  • Texture of Wood Changed (Don't know if it is better)
  • All icons and textures are in HD now. If you see some mistakes/bugs, please report
  • New TAB for More Milestones decorations.


  • New Log 78
  • New Graphics for Baby Miner Head and a lot of others by Hailun
  • New Graphics for AllInOne Fertilize, Stellar Plastic Mighty Bar, Sand and a lot of others by Rahxus
  • New Graphics for Phosphorus Bronze and others by DukeLetholdus
  • 40 new items (WIP)
  • New Plant: Medusa : 7 Trees
  • New Recipe For converting Liquid Alumina in Alumina Solution (and reverse)


  • Change on text on Frostex Log 63
  • All impurity dust should be not sinkable.(Only Coal)
  • Hot Pure Water on THAFMF now has 2 inputs.
  • Changed Hydrogen be called Oxygen
  • Electronic Alloy Ingot change in recipe :
  • Old : 50/min = 60/min steel ingot + 40/min nickel + 1/min sulfur + 2/min aluminium
  • New : 110/min = 35/min Complex steel ingot + 20/min nickel + 1/min sulfure + 20/min aluminium pure ingot
  • Recycling Sand - Now its on Tier 74 : 120/min iron ore + 20/min fluor + 20/min magnesium powder = 200/min sand
  • Increase the height of the Micro Conveyor Belts. (Dont be mad at me, its just to align better to the factory buildings)
  • Increase the height of Micro Assembler micro input
  • Changed the tier: Liquid High-grade Rubber from tier 46 to 45
  • Golden Copper Ingot now is on the Foundry or in the Assembler
  • Heavy Oil Toxic Residue now is on Milestone 54
  • New Heavy Oil Toxic Alternative Recipe on Milestone 54 - 30/min contaminated oil = 40/min heavy oil toxic residue + 10/min Oil impurity dust + 10/min crude oil
  • Baby Machines has a smaller Clearance now
  • Removed the ugly Wood Wall
  • Rebalance (Buff/Nerf) of recipes for Zinc Ingot, Zinc Wire, Paragon Wire, Paragon Cable, Strong Mast, Exchange between Nuclear Waste and Large Nuclear Waste and Mild Enriched Uranium
  • Heavy Toxic Residue Packaged from Milestone 55 to 59


Created: Feb 17, 2021, 4:16:27 PM