Tired of searching for the doggos, just spawns one near you. (Tier 1 Milestones - Costs Berry, woods, biomass and nuts) .

ATTENTION: To use the benefits of this mod, scroll through the Hub Milestones Tiers and find the correct item to unlock! Sometimes the unlock item is kind of hidden, and you have to Scroll to the right to see it. .

The Lizard Doggo is cautious and normally maintains at least 16 meters from walking engineers while looking at the engineer. It always flees from running engineers. However, if a player drops a Paleberry nearby, the Lizard Doggo will eat it, and become passive to the engineer (sprinting will still scare the lizard doggo away while in this state). The engineer can then tame the Lizard Doggo by petting it (default E). Once tamed, the Lizard Doggo follows the engineer, and will occasionally generate random items and store them in its inventory.

To maintain your lizzard doggo, make a home for it, with a foundation and walls.





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