Miner Mk4 Mod

Logo made by Deantendo on Discord

If there is a bug or you just have an idea please contact me on discord NumseBacon#6069

T7 research cost:

500 Supercomputers 
500 Motors

Cost for Miner Mk4:

4 Portable Miners
10 Motors
6 Supercomputers
50 Steel pipe
2 Electromagnetic Control Rods

How to install

This mod requires the latest version of SML to be able to work!

Download the zip file.

Get the .pak and .sig files and drop them inside "SatisfactoryEarlyAccess/FactoryGame/Content/Paks" folder.

In this folder you are supposed to already have base game files "FactoryGame-WindowsNoEditor" .pak and .sig files

Miner Mk4 Mod Logo


Created: Feb 7, 2020, 7:23:40 PM
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