Move items around the world with flying drones

Testing Version: Please, share your bugs and suggestions for me on Discord: MayorAquila#7740

Testing Version

Two new items in Tier 3:

  • Logistic Drone
  • Logistic Storage
  1. Put names in your Logistic Storages
  2. Select 1 place to get materials, and 1 place to drop it.

Its not fast, nor slow.

Known bugs:

  • Pass through walls and mountains.
  • When you get out of the menu, press TAB 2 times to get the mouse back (or interact with anything).
  • You can't manipulate the content of the drones/storage drone, but you can see whats is inside (Best way is clicking for dismantle and aiming in it).
  • Drones fly sideways, and when get/drop stuff it makes an strange loop


  • Fixes
  • MK1, MK2 (Double Speed) and MK3 (Quadruple Speed)

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