Reflection Update!!!

The Reflection update finally released and noone actually knows what it does, right?

Let me explain:


The reflection-system is a neat system that allows generally to look up information about types, objects and such, in runtime. With that you can learn about properties, functions and signals a given type might have. The unreal engine already has one, but we can't use it directly, because it exposes way to much and generally way sensitive functions. It also doesn't have support for our signals and it doesn't hold meta data like localized display names and descriptions. In addition, the reflection system provides a central abstract way of communicating with stuff ingame, like machines. So withit, other mods also can have a save system were the user can fully customize the interactions with an machine.


The reflection viewer is a UI component, accessable by the network manager, that allows you to browse and explore all the data, the reflection system provides. It basically makes it way more easy to figure out what function and properties a given machine or type provides and how you can use it.

Lua-Tick Refactor

The Lua-Tick got a complete overhaul, making it more reliable. Meaning, way less crashes!!!


Since this is a major update to the back-end of FicsIt-Networks, we also were able to fix many bugs.


Just read the damn stuff above, but be aware, if you find any bugs, plz report them as GitHub issue ticket.


Created: Feb 13, 2021, 7:37:16 PM