New Update!

Updated model and moved ports for v0.2.0. And now added in some animations for 0.2.2! Should be less ugly as sin, and fit into the general look of Satisfactory MUCH better.

Check it out in action:

Mod Spotlight

Big thanks to Random Gamer for the video

Front Perspective. Back Perspective.

Also, due to a number of requests, I added Alt-Diluted Packaged Fuel to the list of recipes it can handle.

Welcome Pioneers!

Are you trying to pack and unpack massive amounts of fluids? Well the R&D department here at Ficsit Corp have heard your calls, and have deployed a new beta test factory building for all interested Pioneers!


In order to unlock, you must have access to fluid canisters and associated tier 5 milestones.

The release managers at Ficsit Corp decided to allow access to this new technology via the M.A.M. research station. Please see the "Fluid Transport" research tree for details on unlocking this exciting new building!


Very simply, just unlock and then you will find the new factory building in the production tab of your build tool.

What Are The Benefits?

It is much more compact packaging unit, allowing for more streamlined factory setups!

Also! Due to advances made possible by your contributions to project assembly, this packaging machine requires less materials for construction, and less power consumption while in operation.

The result: more efficiency for your factories!

Back to Real Life

If you have any questions/suggestions/bugs, I pop in on the Satisfactory Modding Discord somewhat frequently.

My Nickname on the Discord is: Teknein#4204

Also, I'm open to feedback about making this better, so if you feel like something needs to change let me know via this google form. I figured it'd be best to see what the community as a whole thinks of things. And of course, thanks for leaving feedback in advance if you so choose!


Big thanks to:

  • Random Gamer#1645 for the Mod Spotlight video!
  • AngryBeaver#9028 for some Blender to UE4 animation import troubleshooting help!
  • MayorAquila#7740 for troubleshooting help with initial release!
  • Deantendo#4265 for getting me a decent Icon to start.
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