v 0.4.1


  • Fixed Fake Glass Bug (For that i have to fix the Complement Mod)
  • Fixed Impurity Remover graphic bug
  • Advanced drilling, there 25 mysterious glue in the recipe, it should be 25 ghost glue.
  • Packaged Mud Water and Contaminated Oil now sinkable
  • More Radius Poison Damage on Toxic Extractor and Toxic Reactor (Just a little, seems to be buggy or im doing something wrong)
  • Advanced and Monstruous Manufacturer has some smoke now
  • Fixed Engineer Log 40 wrong number
  • Small Graphical change in the Molecular Refinery

New Rewards: -Blue Glass Dome -Kraigsta idea : Hologram Beacon. Color like : Purple, Yellow and Cyan


Created: Sep 16, 2020, 2:29:15 PM