Branch Match:

  • Satisfactory Experimental v0.3.6.9 Build 136970 or Later - Factory Skyline Alpha 0.0.8 or Later
  • Satisfactory Early Access v0.3.6.5 Build 136408 - Factory Skyline Alpha 0.0.7

Note that: A wrong version may cause a crash or can not call the menu

Bug Report and Suggestions


  • Press 'R' in game to call the menu
  • Right Click on the design file to rename it

Main Function:

  • Factory Skyline is designed for building extreme huge factorys
  • Blueprint editing: Add, Remove, Clear, Dismantle...
  • Selecting operation based on area and connection
  • Asynchronous Copy/Paste and auto Repeat based on custom displacement.
  • All basic buildings are supported

Assistant Tookit for Creative Mode:

  • Fly mode with Sprint
  • Invincible Player
  • Infinite Ammo
  • Fog Removal


  • Design file Operation: Save, Move, Multi-Select...
  • Change settings/color for batch of factorys
  • Railroad Switch Support
  • Stability Optimization

Know issus

  • Multiplayer unsupported
  • Can not Cut and Connect Pipelines when build Pump/Junction Cross on them

How to Change Key Map

  • First: You need to open the command system of SML (/config/SML.cfg, "enableSMLCommands": true)
  • Second: Type /Skyline command in the chat box to change the key setting
  • Some Example
    • /Skyline Rebind Menukey R
    • /Skyline Rebind Menukey LeftAlt
    • /Skyline Rebind Menukey Zero
    • /Skyline Reset
  • Note That: The Key-Mapping Hint of the Build Gun will not change after rebinding, but they are the same key.
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