Warning: The Current Update (Alpha 0.0.4) Only Works in the game of CL134641 (Experiment Build) or Later.
Please Check this before updating the mod, if you play in the early access build, install alpha 0.0.3

Bug Report and Suggestions


  • Press 'R' in game to call the menu
  • Right Click on the design file to rename it

Main Function:

  • Factory Skyline is designed for building extreme huge factorys
  • Blueprint editing: Add, Remove, Clear, Dismantle...
  • Selecting operation based on area and connection
  • Asynchronous Copy/Paste and auto Repeat based on custom displacement.
  • All basic buildings are supported

Assistant Tookit for Creative Mode:

  • Fly mode with Sprint
  • Invincible Player
  • Infinite Ammo
  • Fog Removal


  • Design file Operation: Save, Move, Multi-Select...
  • Change settings/color for batch of factorys
  • Railroad Switch Support
  • Stability Optimization

Know issus

  • Multiplayer unsupported
  • Can not Cut and Connect Pipelines when build Pump/Junction Cross on them

How to Change Key Map

  • First: You need to open the command system of SML (/config/SML.cfg, "enableSMLCommands": true)
  • Second: Type /Skyline command in the chat box to change the key setting
  • Some Example
    • /Skyline Rebind Menukey R
    • /Skyline Rebind Menukey LeftAlt
    • /Skyline Rebind Menukey Zero
    • /Skyline Reset
  • Note That: The Key-Mapping Hint of the Build Gun will not change after rebinding, but they are the same key.
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