This Mod adds 3 Tiers of Body Equipment items to the Game.

This mod does not add any Modules! You will have to install other mods for that.

This Mod should fully work in Multiplayer... kinda™

Please report bugs on the Discord or on GitHub.

Modules placed in the inner Inventory of the Suit can influence the bonuses provided by the Suit

Compared to the initial Release, the Suit does not have Flight unlocked by default anymore and instead Flight has to be enabled/unlocked by a Module from another Mod.


To change how loud the Suit jetpack sounds are, you can use the in-game Effects or Master volume sliders. Or you can change just the Suit volume - read the Mod Configuration section.

The Controls are:

  • CTRL tap "Space" to activate Hover mode
  • Hold Space to Activate Fly Mode
  • Hold "Space" to ascend
  • Hold "Shift" to accelerate directionally
  • Hold "Left-Alt" to descend
  • Hold "Left-Alt" while Sliding to enter PowerSlide Mode
  • Press "L" to switch to 3rd Person Camera (only works with SML cheats enabled)
  • Press "Right-Alt" to open the Equipment Inventory Window
  • Equipment Inventory Window can be resized by dragging the bottom right corner
  • Equipment Inventory Window can be dragged and moved on screen by grabbing the Title

Note that some controls will not do anything unless you have a module that grants you that ability

Mod Configuration

You can reload the configs without restarting the game with the chat command /reloadPowerSuitConfig. There is no confirmation message when it runs, it will just reload the configs. It does log to the SML console, though, if you have that on.

The configs are separate for multiplayer host and client; each has their own set.

You can edit these configuration options in <Satisfactory install directory>/configs/PowerSuit.cfg:

  • HoverFlightIgnitionDelaySeconds: (0.375 sec by default) How long in seconds the jetpack waits to start fly when your suit is capable of hovering (ex. Hover Jetpack module installed). You may want to increase this value if you want to ensure you reach the apex of your jump before your jetpack turns on.
  • RegularFlightIgnitionDelaySeconds: (0.375 sec by default) How long in seconds the jetpack waits to start fly when your suit is not capable of hovering (ex. Thrust Boots or Integrated Jetpack modules installed). You may want to increase this value if you want to ensure you reach the apex of your jump before your jetpack turns on.
  • BypassIgnitionDelaysIfFalling: (true by default) If the ignition delays should be bypassed if space is pressed while falling, which starts the jetpack immediately. With this setting enabled, the other two ignition delays will be ignored if you have negative Z velocity when you press spacebar. The purpose of this setting is to allow the jetpack to start quickly when falling, but still allow jumping around without triggering the jetpack too easily.
  • GlobalVolumeMultiplier: (0.7 by default) Multiplier for all sounds produced by a PowerSuit. 0.0 is muted. 0.5 is 50% quieter. 1.5 is 50% louder. Remember that you can also modify this with the in-game volume sliders Effects and Master. This setting allows you to control just PowerSuit sounds as opposed to everything the game considers an Effect sound.

When Regular Fly mode is activated, the Suit will provide thrust as long as you are holding space.

When Hover Fly mode is activated, the Suit will provide thrust until contact with the Ground is made, its deactivated or when it runs out of Power.

For acceleration (shift) in the Air, Fuel is required.

Mod Spotlight:

The mod has changed significantly since these videos were made, but they are still a good intro to how it works.

PowerSuit & PowerSuit Modules - Satisfactory Mod Spotlight - by Random Gamer

PowerSuit & Modules Mod Spotlight [Satisfactory Game] - by TotalXclipse

Accepted Fuels are (per full tank, in order of selection preference):

  • 1x Packaged TurboFuel
  • 2x Packaged Fuel
  • 2x Packaged BioFuel
  • 2x Solid Biofuel
  • 10x Wood
  • 200x Leaves

Internal Inventory sizes unmodified are:

  • MK1 -> 4
  • Mk2 -> 9
  • Mk3 -> 16

This Inventory is for Modules to enhance the Suit and give you extra abilities. By Default this mod adds NO Modules.

Suit Inventory

For Modders

Full Source of this Mod is available and this Mod relies on other Mods to implement Modules.

To implement Modules, download the Source of this Mod, add it to your UE4 SML Project and create a EquipmentModuleDescriptor.

Fill out the EquipmentStats and then treat it as any other ItemDescriptor.

Most of the Properties have Tooltip Notes on how they work and some aren't yet implemented or are not functioning properly.

You can use the Attachment Actor feature to attach an actor of your choice to the player and run custom BP code.

Here is a screenshot of some of the many Module settings on offer.


Author: Nog#6605

Testing and Balance : Robb#6731

Icons by deantendo#4265

Assets Used: Freepik - Designed by macrovector_official

PowerSuit Logo


Created: Aug 27, 2020, 5:44:34 PM
Views: 289,168
Downloads: 50,377
Reference: PowerSuit