This mod ads 16 derived window models as well as recipes for glass shards, glass panels, and acrylic grass (prerequisites required).

Changes in 0.8:
-Now requires SID
-Tweaked manufacturing times to be more inline with vanilla times
-Resources are now hand craftable

Please keep in mind that nothing will be available without the adequate research.


  • Download and install the latest version of SML
  • Download the latest version of Windows Mod
  • Open the file
  • Copy Windows.pak and Windows.sig to SatisfactoryEarlyAccess\FactoryGame\Content\Paks
  • Explore!
  • Unlock the Schematics in the HUB and enjoy.

Have Fun !

Window-Wall-Tall-Top Window-Wall-Tall-Middle Window-Wall-Tall-Bottom
Window-Wall-Wide-Left Window-Wall-Wide-Middle Window-Wall-Wide-Right
Window-Wall-Top-Left Window-Wall-Top-Middle Window-Wall-Top-Righttga
Window-Wall-Left-Middle Window-Wall-Full Window-Wall-Right-Middle
Window-Wall-Bottom-Left Window-Wall-Bottom-Middle Window-Wall-Bottom-Right


The windows research is unlocked after researching quartz
For the alternate Acrylic Glass you need to have Windows and Oil Processing unlocked


Windows Logo


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