(Reuploaded because I forgot to change the version displayed in the menu. Nothing else changed.)

This is not the update you were hoping for, no belt copying yet :( It will come when SML 2.0 is ready

However, you might still enjoy this update, fixing a few bugs, and some cool new features

  • NEW ACTION! Clear Inventories: If you want to see your factory always running, just clear all the inventories of your storage area, and your factory will come back to life
  • NEW kinda ACTION! Pipette: With Area Actions equipped, middle click on a building and it open the build gun with that building selected
  • Copy-Paste now uses player inventory too
  • You can now set max storage container distance for Fill and Copy-Paste, to take away some of the cheaty feel, configure it as you feel it is right (min 0m which will take only from player, max 10km which is enough to cover the entire map if you want to)
  • Confirm Mass Dismantle so you don't end up accidentally deleting your entire factory
  • Fixed crash when HUB is in the Mass Dismantle area (yes, now it dismantles it too. you might want to choose to receive your items if you dismantle it)
  • Side status widget is now hidden when in photo mode so you don't have to unequip it to take a nice picture of your factory
  • All widgets now use the Satisfactory dark window UI
  • Area Actions no longer stacks to 100
  • Some changes under the hood to allow third-party actions, so if you just want to try out the API or even make an action you really wanted, you now can. And maybe it will even be included in the base mod if it is cool


Created: Jan 29, 2020, 5:57:16 PM