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A Factory Remote Control and Stats!

ATTENTION: In case of "loosing" the mouse control, try to press F12 to release or get the mouse back (takes 7 seconds).

To Activate,

  • Unlock the Milestone in Tier 0
  • Build the Remote Receptor (Only build one, and dont dismantle it. It saves your Remote Control Data)
  • Press F2.


  • Host use the information above.
  • Guest should build Remote Receptor and double click "F" on it. Then press F12 to control it each 7 seconds.


  • Global Production per minute
  • Bottleneck
  • Clock / 3D Clock / Chronometer
  • Access to: Hub, Awesome Sink, Awesome Shop, MAM, Crafting Bench, Equipment Workshop and Space Elevator.
  • List of all your buildings and beacons: Storages, Smelters, Manufacturers, Refineries, Miners, Stations and Extractors,
  • Access to Cameras that you can name and put on your factory.
  • You can unlock, if you want, in the bottom of the phone: Teleport to Locations / Interact with all machines. (Allow Cheat MENU)
  • List of Available Recipes with all infos

Next Features:

  • NEW GRAPHICS (Beautiful made by Deantendo)
  • Next/Previous button on listing buildings/storages/cameras
  • Cheat Button (Only see if you configure to allow teleportation): Teleporter: Place: XYZ
  • Missions to produce items per minute.


  • Allow to put stats you choose on your playing HUD
  • Camera pleacable like Power Poles (Wall, Ceiling and Floor)
  • Monitors to see the cameras in your factory
  • Flash Light Button - More bright lights in dark times
  • Camera Button - A celular camera with some special effects to take screen shots
  • Game Time and the Total Played Time in the savegame
  • See your Screenshots folder
  • Search for Beacons
  • Turn it into a Tablet like Moar Factory

Soon, new arts by Deantendo:

Remote Factory

Current version:

Remote Factory

Remote Factory

Remote Factory

Remote Factory

Remote Factory

LK Aice Video:


Know Bugs:

  • You can see the widget and teleport to Space Elevator, but not interact.
  • Fluid Platform not showing his Fluid inventory inside the remote control, you have to click on it.
  • Oil Extractors not showing in the stats.
  • F2 and ESC - Breaks the mouse (you have a quick time to click in "Resume Game")

To contact, please use @MiniMods and quote the mod Remote Factory.

Any ideas / Suggestion / Need Some Help / Bug Report :



Icons, ideas and graphics by Deantendo#4265 - https://discordapp.com/channels/555424930502541343/701160102077530213


I'm having a lot of fun making Satisfactory Mods and I hope you are enjoying them! If you want to donate, i would be very grateful.


- This is an Alpha Mini Mod

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