Double your output for the same amount of ore? You bet your ingots!


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Adds alternative recipes for the foundry.

These alternative recipes add ore-doubling with the foundry.

Hydro-Processing Recipies

IMPORTANT: You must use the Super Foundry to get your container back.

The Recipe: 10 <ore of choice>* + 1 Packaged Water = 20 Ingots

Uranium: 10 Packaged Water + 10 Uranium Ore = 1 Uranium Pellet
Bauxite: 12 Aluminum Scraps + 2 Packaged Water = 6 Aluminum Ingots
Quartz: 10 Raw Quartz + 2 Packaged Water = 10 Pure Quartz
Silica: 10 Raw Quartz + 2 Packaged Water = 20 Silica
Concrete: 10 Limestone + 1 Packaged Water = 10 Concrete

Flux Processing Recipes

How to make Flux Solvent:

Limestone -> Smelter -> Lime
1 Lime + 1 Silica = 2 Flux Solvent
Flux Solvent IS ONLY made in an assembler.

The Recipe: 10 <ore of choice>* + 10 Flux Solvent = 20 Ingots

Uranium: 10 Uranium Ore + 10 Flux Solvent = 2 Uranium Pellets
Bauxite: 12 Aluminum Scraps + 12 Flux Solvent = 6 Aluminum Ingots
Quartz: 10 Raw Quartz + 20 Flux Solvent = 10 Pure Quartz
Silica: 10 Raw Quartz + 10 Flux Solvent = 20 Silica
Concrete: 10 Limestone + 5 Flux Solvent = 10 Concrete

How do I get it?

Unlocks in Stage 5 (Foundry Hydro Processing)
Unlocks in Stage 5 (Flux Processing)

Compatible with 100+ Milestones Mod

Compatible with MK++ Mod

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Add checker to verify user has access to the various resources BEFORE awarding the recipe to the user (primary)

Custom Foundry: Precision Foundry (backburner)

Change Log


Added Superfoundry


Corrected SML dependency version
Adjusted Flux Crafting time in workbench.
Assembler Flux Crafting recipe here to stay, and will not change.


Added Flux Processing recipes.
Added Lime as a craftable resource.
Added Flux Processing Milestone (tier 5)

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