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Getting Started with SatisfactorySaveEditor

This guide will walk you through how to download SatisfactorySaveEditor and open your save file.

Installation Instructions

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  1. Not This Button

    • Don't download by clicking this button. This button downloads the source code, which you will have to compile yourself if you'd like to use.


  2. Go to the releases page and download the latest version by clicking Assets and then choosing the topmost file, which will say something like SatisfactorySaveEditor-vX.X.X.zip. AssetsDropdown OpenAssetsDropdown

  3. Save the file somewhere on your computer that you will remember.

  4. Extract the zip file and run the SatisfactorySaveEditor.exe file contained within


  5. If a dialog box comes up, click More Info, then Run Anyway. SmartScreen1 SmartScreen2

  6. Open your save file by pressing File > Open ... You should already be in the directory where your save files are stored. If not, navigate to C:\Users\YOURCOMPUTERUSERNAMEHERE\AppData\Local\FactoryGame\Saved\SaveGames or wherever you have your AppData folder set to be located.


  7. You're set! Continue reading for more info, check for additional guides in the Guides section, explore on your own, or ask for help in the #savegame-edits channel on the discord for help with specific tasks.

Parts of the Editor and Basic Save Structure

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Here is a quick overview for what each region of the save editor does.

  • Red - File Menu
    • Allows you to save your changes, open another save file, jump to a particular tag, and change your preferences for the editor.
  • Orange - Cheats Menu
    • Perform various changes to your save such as unlocking all researches, dismantling large quantities of buildings, enabling no cost building, etc. These operations could theoretically be performed manually, but we have packaged them into 'cheats' for convenience.
  • Yellow - Help Menu
    • Contains useful links for getting help with the editor and reporting issues.
  • Green - Search Bar
    • Searches the Entity Name field of all Save Objects for a term, ex. "Player". Note that this does NOT search in the Properties field (magenta box), which means you won't be able to find things like items in containers with the search bar.
  • Light Blue - Tree View
    • Contains all entities present in the save, organized the way Coffee Stain has chosen to organize their save files. Hover over items to get a community-written description of what purpose they serve.
  • Blue - Common Fields
    • Properties common to all Entities (but not always used) such as position, rotation, etc. Note that the Entity Name field matches that of the selected Save Entity in the tree view (Light Blue). Not all of these fields can be changed. Note that Components (not shown in the screenshot) do not have these fields.
  • Magenta - Properties
    • Properties unique to the object you have selected. You can add properties by clicking the Add property button or change properties by changing the values in the boxes. Be sure to save your changes!

All information stored in the save file organized into Save Objects (Light Blue) in the and their Properties (Magenta) and Fields (Blue). Object tags (prefixed by [O]) are groups that contain Entity tags (prefixed by [E]) and/or Component tags (prefixed by [C], none shown in screenshot).

  • Object tags contain no data of their own and only serve to contain and group Entity and Component tags. Think of them like folders inside the save file.
  • Entity tags contain information about physical 'things' in the save, such as buildings, creature spawns, Paleberries, etc. and as such have the Common Fields (Blue) and Properties (Magenta) boxes when selected for editing their information. Think of these like smaller files within the save file. Note: not all Entities are actually physical things in the world, for example, Persistent_Level:PersistentLevel.schematicManager is not any sort of building but is still an Entity.
  • Component tags contain things such as creature health, inventory data, power network connection data, etc. Components have no position, rotation, etc. and hence do not have a Common Fields (Blue) box when selected. They do still have an Component Name, however. Think of these like smaller files within the save file.

Additional Guides

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Additional Tips (WIP)

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  • Modifying entities
    • To modify an entity, select it in the Tree View (light blue) and its properties will appear in the Common Properties (blue) and Unique Properties (magenta) panes. To change the value of a property, simply change the text in the box. TagModify
  • Hovering for More Info
    • Hover over entities to view their description, and click the triangle next to them to open them. HoverDemo
  • Jumping to an entitiy
    • You can use File > Jump to tag... to scroll directly to an entity if you know its Entity Name. To obtain an entity's name, right click on it from the Tree View (light blue) and choose Copy name. You can also copy it from the Entity name: field in the Common Properties (blue) pane.

If you have any further questions or suggestions on how to improve this guide, please don't hesitate to contact Robb#6731 in the #savegame-edits channel on the modding discord. There should be a link in the bottom of the left sidebar to join the server.


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