German - Satisfactory Keyboard Layout

This is a special Keyboard Layout for the German Keyboard with this Layout

You don't need to change your Keyboard Layout to English [UK] for opening the Game Console

Changed Key [ I choose this Key because normaly every Keyboard have a Number Pad with a " + " ]

It change the [ + Key ] into [ ` Key ]

How to install it:

Download this file

Unzip the file and run the " Setup.exe " and install it.

After the Installation go to Settings -> Time & Language -> Region&Language -> Keyboard

Deutsch: Einstellungen -> Zeit & Sprache -> Sprache -> Tastatur

Change this here to Deutsch - Satisfactory

Youtube Tutorial in German

Keyboard Layout created via Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator

!! Use at your own risk !!


Created: Nov 2, 2020, 1:13:05 AM
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