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Obtaining Items with SatisfactorySaveEditor

This guide will walk you through how to use SatisfactorySaveEditor to add items to your inventory, or the inventory of a container.

Install SatisfactorySaveEditor

If you haven't already, follow the guide here to install SatisfactorySaveEditor and get familiar with its interface.

Preliminary Steps

  1. Locate the Inventory component you want to change.

In Satisfactory saves, the contents of vehicles, storage containers and crates, machines, player inventories, etc. are stored under FactoryGame.FGInventoryComponent.

Modifying a Player's Inventory

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Modifying a player's inventory is fairly straightforward. The host of the game is always Player 0. Use File > Jump to tag... and paste in Persistent_Level:PersistentLevel.Char_Player_C_0.inventory to jump straight to the host's inventory. If you want to modify the inventory of someone else, you're going to have to figure out what their character number is. The most straightforward way to do this is to look at what other items they have in their inventory in the mInventoryStacks property.

Navigating to Player 0's inventory

Modifying a Container's Inventory

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Modifying a container's inventory is slightly more difficult. It can be troublesome to track down the exact container you want to modify. For example, you can look in Factory and try to identify it by its Position or what color it's painted (mPrimaryColor and mSecondaryColor values), or you can look through FactoryGame.FGInventoryComponent and try to identify it based on what items it contains in its mInventoryStacks property.

Using oMaN-Rod's Inventory Fill feature

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If you're looking to obtain a whole lot of one item, this is the best way to do so. A couple things to note:

  • Currently, only one item type can be selected at a time
  • This feature will replace every item in the container with the item you choose. If you were to do this on a player inventory, all other items in the inventory would be deleted.
  • The item list this feature offers is not always kept up to date. If the item you're looking for isn't in the list, you'll have to use one of the other methods below.
  1. Right click on the FGInventoryComponent you'd like to modify, and choose Fill Inventory

Fill Inventory in the right click context menu

  1. A convenient window will appear that allows you to select an item and quantity per stack. The quantity field will automatically be filled by the max stack size for the item.

Fill Inventory GUI

  1. Press 'Ok' and the inventory will be modified.

  2. You're done! Save your changes (File > Save) and load up the game.

Obtaining more of an item you already have

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  1. Find the inventory slot that contains the item you want more of. It will be in the mInventoryStacks property. You might have to scroll some.

  2. Change the NumItems field to the desired value. In the below example, I'm giving myself more Berries.

Example: More Berries

  1. You're done! Save your changes (File > Save) and load up the game.


Success! More Berries.

Obtaining an item you don't have any of yet

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You're going to need to find the Blueprint Path of the item in order to proceed with this method. If it's possible to obtain one of the item and instead use the above steps, I suggest you do.

A Blueprint Path is basically a really long item name. Even though it contains '/'s like a folder on a computer, the entire string forms the name of the item.

With the addition of the AWESOME Shop in Update 3, it may be worth considering giving yourself FICSIT Coupons instead and then buying the items you desire in-game via the AWESOME Shop. The Blueprint Path for FICSIT Coupons is /Game/FactoryGame/Resource/Parts/ResourceSinkCoupon/Desc_ResourceSinkCoupon.Desc_ResourceSinkCoupon_C.

  1. Find the name of the item you'd like to add to the container. There are various ways to do this:
  • You can look for the item on the Satisfactory Wiki and look at the Blueprint Path field.

Going to the wiki

Looking up the Blueprint Path for Iron Plates

  • This list is kept up to date with the names of all items (plus some things that aren't items - the script looks for everything that loosely resembles an item name in the PAK file); find the item you want there with Ctrl+F or similar. Do note that some items' Blueprint Paths are not what you may expect. For example, Purple Power Slugs are /Game/FactoryGame/Resource/Environment/Crystal/Desc_Crystal_mk3.Desc_Crystal_mk3_C I'll use Berries as an example.

Berries on the list

Finding Berries on the item list

  • If the list seems to be missing some items, you can try regenerating the list yourself by downloading the source code and running ExtractResources.ps1, which is located in the Reference Materials folder.

Now that you have your Blueprint Path, it's time to use it to add item(s) to the inventory of your choice.

  1. Find an empty element in the mInventoryStacks array of the Inventory you found in step 1 Note that you do not want to click 'Add Element', which will confuse the game as to how many slots the inventory is supposed to have. Instead, use one of the fields that is already there.

Empty field

  1. Paste the Blueprint Path into the ItemType field.

  2. Set the NumItems field to the desired item count. Counts higher than an item's usual stack size do work, but it is easy to accidentally reset them back to their normal stack size in game. To not lose items when moving these oversized stacks, only ever move them with the 'Take All' button or by ctrl+clicking the stacks to move them between inventories.

Filled fields with berries

  1. You're done! Save your changes (File > Save) and load up the game.


Success! 42 Berries, just as requested.

If you accidentally damage your save or inventory during this process, the editor creates automatic backups by default. Check your saves folder to find the backups.


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